paulajii sent:
Do you know what happened to Jared's shoulder? :/ I know it has been "broken" for a quite long time now but I never found out what happened.

osric and he wrestled in the green room at jibcon and when osric flipped jared over (!), jared landed on his shoulder and dislocated/broke it.

I love love love jared and I love love love misha and I love love love jensen right?

but there’s this thing that happens

I’ll see a pic or whatever of jared or misha or jensen on their own and I’m like “whoa yassss I’m all about this so thirsty mm yes good”, right? I feel equal opportunity about it.

but when either of or both misha and jared are next to jensen, I just feel so jensen and I want to ride on the back of a dragon across the oceans of the world screaming about how much JENSEN!!!!!! and really I just get UNCONTROLLABLY JENSEN!GIRL-y

u feel?