The Winchesters — that is, Mr. Ackles and Mr. Padalecki — are enthusiastic and accommodating interview subjects, seeking out a reporter at every break to talk up their underdog show, finishing each other’s sentences, always agreeing. They reflect their characters, or vice versa: Mr. Ackles is the quiet, watchful older brother, keeping an eye on the eagerly talkative Mr. Padalecki.



So you know how every language has that word/phrase/sentence that native speakers can pronounce just fine, but foreigners can almost never pronounce it correctly? And the natives have a lot of fun telling the foreigners to try and say it and laughing at their attempts?

They’re called Shibboleths, and wikipedia has a whole article on them. 
Even better, wikipedia has a whole article on examples of them.

Some of them are ridiculous, I can’t stop reading this article.



if you are rude to, mean to, aggressive at, hateful to or about, kim rhodes?

I will put salt in your drinks for the rest of your life. do you hear me? ARE YOU FUCKING LISTENING YOU PIECE OF SHIT?

kim rhodes is literally the most humble, sensible, reasonable and intelligent person I have ever met and if you think she is worthy of your asinine vitriol then you need to seriously re-evaluate your position in this universe because it’s like kicking a puppy or poking a lamb in the eye with a rusty spoon okay? you just don’t.

if you disagree with her, you talk to her and tell her why and she will listen to you and respond in turn. if you scream and shout and throw your toys out of the pram? you are worth less than the crud I scrape out of my belly button at night.

I just saw an advert on tv for a toothpaste “for men”.

like are you seriously so worried you’ll be percieved as anything but Super Masculine Manly Man that even your fucking toothpaste has to be specifically marketed to your dick?

fucking hell

in a lot of ways my mum is pretty great. she met a friend of mine when we were at ikea and after my friend left, mum asked me a few questions about her. like how we know each other and stuff like that. then she asked me “so, does she have a boyfriend? girlfriend?”



so here’s the story

I had my phone on the table, which has this cover on it. rob sits down, says hello, and when he sees my phone he pulls it over to read it. he then goes “what? no room for chuck?” we laugh and I say “there’s plenty of room!”. the girl next to me pulls out a marker pen and I give it to rob. he says “no I couldn’t!” but I basically tell him that he has to. so he starts to write, marker clutched tight in his hand, laughing and telling us how he doesn’t know how to draw “that and symbol”. he gives it a valiant try, however, and… doesn’t quite get it right.

but I have a unique phone cover and the exact moment in time I fell in love with rob benedict. :’)