I spent all day today setting up my facebook page. it’s not a “fan” page, it’s just a way for me to try to reach more people with my shirt designs and art, since that’s the only source of income I have beyond my disability right now.

in setting it up, I’ve gone through my blog and my photos, finding pictures of my merchandise and the stories of the cast that have helped me so much. memories of spending time with friends and of funny conversations - here on tumblr too.

so even though I’m exhausted, I am ending my day feeling incredibly thankful. for my friends and for the love and support you all give me.

if you have a moment, please do have a look at the page and the photo album with memories, because I don’t think it’s just me who smiles at all the nice memories.

also it would mean the world to me if you’d share the page to your fandom friends (and maybe fandom pages?), but only if you want to!