Monday: poisontao / because you need a good start to your week, and if you’re anything like me you need that good start to include lots of david tennant gifs.

Tuesday: londonphile / when you think the week just can’t get any longer, what do you need? pictures, videos and voice clips of david tennant that you’ve never seen before. here’s where to find them.

Wednesday: tennantscookiejar / as you pass the work week’s halfway point, it’s time to celebrate. what better way to do so than with a plentiful supply of even more animated david tennant?

Thursday: gallifreyburning / the weekend is finally within your grasp. to balance your happiness you must be in need of some angst. you’ll find all the angst you need here. and lots more than you really needed. ever. but in a good way.

Friday: winterinthetardis / fridays tend to go by at a crawl, and it’s always good to find a way to keep yourself going during the day. high-paced blogging of lots of david is a good source of energy (also, frankly, someone needs to take some of her energy away from her).

Saturday: dunderklumpen / whether you’re in a partying mood or not, saturdays is for hanging with your bestest friends. I’m giving you permission to hang out with my bestie — you won’t regret it.

Sunday: karmaplus / sundays could be lazy and relaxed. or they could be filled with lots of david tennant and other awesome things. your choice.

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    Ok, this is awesome. But also: I can’t be the one person who thought “….calculus?” when I saw dw/dt, can I? Can I?
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    No pressure then… Thank you so much, lovely! That is a big compliment.
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    *insert I LOVE YOU gif here* Dude, you are awesome and I love you!
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    I approve of all this
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    This post made me feel so much angst. Y’all. Y’ALL. I cannot. CAN. NOT. BRB, gotta write some fic where Ten and some...
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    omfg. I accept all of this. I LOVE YOU, LINDA.
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