Intro to rug burn: A Post

So, it started in October.

the delightful cadlymack posted an interview with jensen [x] where she pointed out the marks on jensen’s face (forehead and chin) and asked if they were Dean’s (as in make-up) or Jensen’s (as in real).

this was jensen’s reaction to the question [x]:


his coy face and smile and unwillingness to answer the question obviously set fangirl minds roaring, because what isn’t he telling us???

lots of people tweeted clif to ask if jensen was okay, and he tweeted “Everyone relax Jensen is fine he scraped his chin thats it.” [x]

fast forward a few days to chicago con, where the chin scrape was clearly obvious, and we got a much better answer to what happened than we could ever have expected.

first, at misha’s panel, a fan got up to ask a question. misha went off on a tangent and said:

I don’t know if I’m supposed to talk about this, I didn’t ask Jared or Jensen… oh, fandom would have loved photos of this… We wound up back in Jensen’s - or Jared’s, I don’t remember - hotel room and wrestling ensued.

(fans: ‘pics or it didn’t happen!’

… or it did happen and I’m just going to tell the story…)

so, both Jared and I have fractured ribs, and I’m told that in six to eight weeks my elbow will be almost back to normal. (at this point misha is laughing and struggling to get his words out) jensen had to show up at work with like half his forehead missing. the skin — he had rug burn all over (motions over his forehead).


the next day during the j2 breakfast panel, fans were quick to bring up the subject again.

jensen: doesn’t ring a bell.

jared: yeah I can’t seem to recall anything… but don’t hug me really hard on my left side today.


jensen: just to clarify — it’s fight training. misha doesn’t fight very often on screen and he doesn’t understand how to properly protect yourself.

fan: which is why you got the rug burn.

jensen: somebody had to jump in and save him. I missed… that’s enough of that.


a couple of weeks later, bts pictures from the set surfaced from the filming of episode 809 (citizen fang), where dean has an obvious cut on his forehead. again, cadlymack treats us to the information that the cut is only partly makeup [x]. the show construed a situation where dean gets a hit to the head so they could cover up jensen’s scars with some fake blood.

the rug burn is also quite obvious in earlier close-up scenes this season [x], when there is no obvious reason for dean to have an injury.

and most recently, on the PCA red carpet, the rug burn scar is clearly obvious still [x].


and that’s the story of the rug burn. there’s more pictures and gifs in my rug burn tag.

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