What on Earth is “gif tennis”!?

Well, gif tennis is a fairly simple game. A theme is decided between two people who then reblog each other in turn, adding a gif each time on said theme. The theme is decided by the first gif (the serve) or by previous mutual agreement. Only gifs created for the purpose of tennis are allowed, and so it’s a great way to both practice giffing and to create gifs noone’s seen before (or, indeed, expected to exist). So far I have only played David Tennant gif tennis, but you can of course play on any theme/actor.

It is good dash-manners to delete a previous entry when reblogging the latest return-gif, so as to not clog up people’s timeline.

In short:

  1. A theme is decided
  2. A serving-gif starts the game
  3. Only new gifs allowed
  4. Posts should be tagged ‘gif tennis

Previous themes include: