best of 2012 according to mostly10


dunderklumpen - laura is my best friend. at this point, I think it’s safe to say that through thick and thin we are there for each other and there is nobody on earth I trust, or tell more, than I do her. I love her with all my heart.

barefootmorning - I think I followed steph after flipse told me to. I do most things flipse tells me to do, and I couldn’t be happier. steph is so genuine, open and caring and I’m so happy we’ve become close in the past few months. also I totally would.

freckledbuttchester - a friend is not a friend unless you can tell them you hate them. I tell alix almost every day, and she does the same to me. it’s like a match made in a strip club called purgatory, me and her. she’s really sweet, actually, but don’t tell her I said that.

gallifreyburning - allison is one of those hangers-on from my tennant blogging days. they feel like forever ago, but allison is forever the trooper. she has finally caved and is watching supernatural, but that’s beside the point. she is a wonderful person. she is kind and loving and a much more attentive friend than I deserve. I trust her implicitly, and admire her many talents.

itsfuuh - ana is such a sweetheart and I love her to bits. she has her head on straight, her heart in the right place and is easy to talk to about anything and everything.

karmaplus - flipse is one of my favourite people. she is so easygoing and fun, but there’s so much more to her. she is incredibly intelligent, open minded, talented and creative and I never want to let her out of my life ever.

lovetherunning - andrea and I have laughed so much this past year, you don’t even know. so many weird inside jokes I’m not even sure either of us understand anymore, but we still laugh. she is such a wonderful person and I’m so happy to know her. we’ll meet next year, and when we do I am clinging on and never letting go.

medicatedmaniac - I could probably wax lyrical about harriet’s artistic talents til the cows come home, but that speaks for itself. she is forever an inspiration to me. she is such a strong person and I admire her for how far she’s come as an individual. she is smart and beautiful and I love her a lot.

misha-collins - if it wasn’t obvious already how much I love brittany, I don’t think I could tell you here in a few sentences. she is one of the kindest people I’ve ever known, and her strength and inner light shines so bright it’s blinding. I love her so much my heart hurts and I can’t wait to see what amazing things this next year brings for her.

mishacockins - liz probably doesn’t know it, but she’s an inspiration to me. she has so much going for her and so much strength, and I have no doubt in my mind that she will go on to do great things in her life. I love her so much and I want to kiss her face a lot.

nyxocity - cee is an inspiration. she is such a lovely person to everyone who crosses her path and to me she has, in a very short space of time, come to mean a great deal. she is so open and generous with her thoughts and words and an attentive listener.

obstinatrix - jay is… jay is weird. that’s why I love her. she laughs at stupid jokes with me and thinks about gay sex a lot and is generally really super lovely. she is also one of those ridiculously intelligent people who can still fall down and cry over a sweaty lock of hair on an attractive man’s neck. I respect that a lot.

onionchester - (ugh okay get ready stine I’m gonna make you feel.) I don’t know anyone as passionate about dean as stine - and I know a lot of people who are very passionate about dean. she is an incredibly sweet person and through all that keysmashing she does I see a really sharp mind with a lot to offer. I am bringing her home with me from A10 in my pocket.

peecest - el has a christmas url but I’m choosing to ignore that. el is one of those weird people I love so much. when we’re not talking about butts or buttseks, we’re talking about tatoos or our weight and everything else. she tries to hide behind her insults but really I know she loves me as much as I love her.

stickingupforsammy - anna. she is such a good friend to me. I would walk through fire for her, I really would. she has so much more to offer than she knows, and I love her more than I can say. she wears her heart on her sleeve, is really smart, funny and talented and is always there for me.

winterinthetardis - nili is generous. she is generous with her time and her love. she is generous with her laughter and most importantly, she is generous with her sass. she and I have followed each other into the spn fandom, but I think even if we didn’t have a single fandom in common by now we’d still be friends. I love her a stupid amount even if we do have to take a break every other hour for her to move her car.

~ honourable mentions ~
agentsex - who is always interesting to talk to
misha-anon - who is a great writer and a nice person
mrshaleydeanwinchesterackles - who is a real sweetie
novakancies - who is lovely
padachester - who is wonderfully weird
sockindexx - who needs some cake
thisisnotbruce - who has the patience of an angel
weepcest - who poops

~ team robothead ~ I love you all ~
alicestiel - buttfuckingbrothers - caswinchester - cleonn - froghat - halosexual - mishacollinshchesthair - mishasscruff - serbocroatoan - sub-dean

agentsex sent:
If you were voting in the US election who would you vote for?

I’d vote for the guy who thinks women get to decide what to do with their own bodies, who doesn’t think spending money on war is a good thing and who just seems like a generally pretty decent human being

I wouldn’t vote for the guy who thinks he’s in touch with black people because his family once owned slaves, who doesn’t understand why you can’t open windows on an airplane and who believes in magic words written on a stone read from the bottom of a hat.

agentsex replied to your post: GDI you guys really need to read 1984 okay your…

I started it (for fun) but never finished it because it was dull

pls re-read and talk to me after every chapter. srsly. you and anyone else who wants to read it can talk to me about it in my inbox I can meta the fuck out of this book six ways from sunday it’s fucking brilliant.

obstinatrix replied to your postGDI you guys really need to read 1984 okay your…

how does anyone get through school without reading 1984